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JDR-Bot updates

2.1.1 N'yssa Edition (05/07/2021)

Fixed a bug with negative value variables
Added many mathematical operators to modify variables (division, multiplication, modulo, etc.)
Added the possibility to put the name of a room in the possible directions
Added the possibility to use the value of a variable as a possible direction

2.1 N'yssa Edition (29/06/2021)

Added custom commands without a target
Added a list of commands in the help, accessible via a reaction.
Added a «stop» control to stop a sound from playing
Added a “none” markdown so that the bot does not use any markdown blocks (equivalent to text surrounded by square brackets)
Fixed some FR and EN sentences
Fixed various bugs (negative numbers, null text variable, etc.)

2.0 Version International (05/08/2021)

Integration of a language management system per server
Translation of the entire bot into English, as well as a dozen scenarios
Modification of the prefixes.json file which becomes guilds.json to manage prefixes by server and language by channel.
Redesign of some functions

1.9 (04/25/2021)

Possibility to load a scenario from a .txt file hosted on discord, or from the identifier of the message containing this file!
English translation of default variables and options (inventory, refresh, etc.)
Preparation of the files for the complete translation of the bot
Correction of the bug of list_scenarios if there are several urls
Fix bug on the name of the Furniture/Location of an object

1.8 to 1.8.5 (11/29/2020 to 03/06/2021)

Added custom actions and commands!
Fixes and bugs and various improvements

1.7.1 (11/14/2020)

Added a party_id variable
Added a statistical command
Fixed a bug in the bot status
Improved option reactions

1.7 (11/09/2020)

Added rooms as options (accessible everywhere)
Added variables in option (= displays the reaction everywhere, and when you click, it displays the value and description of the variable)
Adding the previous box (= allows to come back to the previous room, no matter where you come from) and an option to give it a reaction
Add textual variables online
Add the number of server in the status of the bot
Added [ㅤ[INVENTORY]ㅤ] and [ㅤ[ROOM:X]ㅤ] displaying the inventory and text of a room X.

1.6 (10/25/2020)

Added online and textual variables, 2 new features
Fixed bugs

1.5 (10/09/2020)

Change of room by variable in 997
Possibility to play several simultaneous games on the same server (one per jdr-bot room)
Change of the Help
Allow several actions/consequences in a 997
Bug fixes

1.4.1 (08/04/2020)

Fixed two bugs:

  • The reactions on the 997 event messages were missing
  • The bot did not handle windows \r

1.4 (07/12/2020)

Command aliases (left→3 to allow a 'left forward' for example)
Reaction for command aliases
Option in the scenario to display an Inventory reaction under each message
Option in the scenario to display a Refresh reaction which rewrites the current room text
The list of scenarios is now split into 5 categories (tutorial, fiction, escape-game, example, and miscellaneous)
Bug fixes and optimizations

1.3 (06/20/2020)

Added discord reaction management for advancing, examining, taking or triggering an event (castle.txt and combat.txt show examples of uses)
Changed the inventory in part
Changed the list of scenarios with descriptions and emoji indicating the use of images, sounds and reactions.
Added OR conditions (multiple conditions at the same time)
Added 2 scenarios: Naheulbeuk-prelude, and pierre-sculptee. Both are adaptations of existing AVH, and are quite long.
Possibility to change the markdown in your scenarios.
Some syntax additions in the scenarios
Bug fixes and various optimizations

1.2 (06/09/2020)

Added a Reply command for scenario questions.
Added a Ping command displaying the bot's response time
Add a Prefix command to change the bot's prefix on your server.
Added a keyword [ㅤ[PREFIX]ㅤ] to display the current prefix in the scenario
Changed Warning and info/faq commands with much more information and better presentation
Added support for TTS messages
Some syntax changes in the scenarios
Bug fixes and various optimizations

1.1 (05/30/2020)

Redesign of several functions:

  • Management of multiple urls
  • Management of special boxes
  • Adding the 998 and 999 boxes in the verification of special boxes

Various additions, improvements and corrections:

  • New prefixes (“J!” and “J-”)
  • Scenario names are not case sensitive
  • External config file for token and id
  • Improved Warning command
  • Added command aliases
  • Etc.

1.0 (05/29/2020)

First officially distributed version of the bot, after tests in December 2018 and betas since December 2019
(and a first version on IRC around 2010)


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