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Supports and Partners :

JDR-Bot grow up thanks to differents supporters and partners such as :

  • Le Prisme des Créateurs Community around the creation, active discord, free radio, etc.
  • L'union des Rôlistes (Their discord is very welcoming! And authors are currently working on scenarios for JDR-Bot)
  • VirtualJDR (very welcoming discord too)
  • GameFlow Publisher of the game-books “Ma Première Aventure” who allowed me to adapt “En Quête du Dragon” on JDR-Bot
  • Fiction-Interactive FR French Community about Interactive Fiction (Site, Forum and Discord)
  • And other various partners (discord, Board, website, etc.)

A big thank you to all the testers, partners, authors and those who follow the bot and its evolution.

Find us on the discord Make&Play


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