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Scripts Syntax

The bot is capable to handling simple to very complex scenarios, and it is advisable to get the hang of the basic functions first.

First of all, the scenario must be saved in .txt, with the Charset “UTF-8”.

The basic syntax corresponds to scenarios like “Adventure Game Book” where the player chooses between several numbers to move forward, and can pick up and use objects (example: keys to open doors)
It allows to manage 2 types of endgame: 998 (for example “defeat”) and 999 (for example “victory”). Each one is accompanied by a text.

Once you have mastered the basic syntax, I advise you to use the invisible objects (or states/conditions), the codes/cadenas, and the objects/states/conditions NOT to have to access a room.
This allows more possibilities, like an escape-game for example, without being complex.

The advanced use of the bot, and its syntax, includes the use of variables, their declarations, modifications, and uses in the scenario (condition to access a room, game over, etc.), as well as the use of randomness in the game
This also includes the possibility to trigger events (change a variable, add/remove an object, automatically go to a position, etc.), via event 997, or the use of discord reactions.
All this allows an infinite number of possibilities, you will surely manage to find one that I have not thought of at all, however it is quite complex.

Test and add your script to the bot:

To be able to launch your scenario, it must be hosted on the internet. Either temporarily (on https://www.cjoint.com/ for example) or on an FTP.
Then, you have to do “ j!play your_url/your_scenario.txt ”.

If you have several scenarios on the same ftp, you can use the command “ j!link add your_url ” to add the url of the folder where your scenarios are stored. However you will have to do this every time you restart the bot. To do it constantly, you can add the url in the description of your #JDR-Bot.

When your scenario is finished and working, if you want to add it officially to the bot, you have to send it to me so I can add it to the official FTP of the bot.
If you are a community with its own FTP with several scenarios on it, and you want your url to be officially added to the bot, it's also possible, contact me to talk about it, I'll see case by case ;)

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