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How to play:

The bot commands start with “j!”. Most of them only work in a text channel whose name contains “jdr-bot

To play, you need to load a scenario with “j!play [scenario_name]”, then use the game commands.

To see the list of scenarios, you have the j!list_scripts command, then you navigate between the differents category and pages, with discord reactions.

The […] indicates a parameter to tell the bot, without the “[” and “]” (the scenario's name for example)

Complete list of bot commands:

  • j!link Displays the ftp(s) where the scenarios are hosted (or j!url, j!lien or j!link)
    • j!link add [your_url] Adds the url to the bot's list of urls
    • j!link remove [your_url] Remove the url from the bot's url list
    • j!link base Leave only the base url and the descriptions
  • j!list_scripts Displays the list of available scenarios (or j!scripts or j!scenarios)
  • j!play [scenario_name] (or j!jouer or j!load or j!jo).
  • j!move [room_name_or_number] (or j!go or j!avancer or j!av).
    • It is possible that the room you want to go to has a digicode for example, in this case “j!go [room_number] [code]”.
    • In other cases, it may be a bet for example (casino): “j!move forward [room_number] [bet]”, etc.
  • j!back returns to the previous room (checking if it is allowed) (or j!back or j!return)
  • j!look [furniture or object or here/ici] (the last repeats text of the current room) (or j!examiner, j!ex or j!look)
  • j!take [object] (picks up an object) (or j!pr or j!prendre)
  • j!reply answers a question or puzzle in a scenario
  • j!item (displays the inventory) (or j!iv or j!inventaire or j!items)
  • j!throw [item] (remove the item from your inventory. (or j!je or j!jeter)
  • j!giveup (end the game) (or j!ab or j!abandonner)
  • j!modif [variable] (changes the value of a variable whose name ends with _m) (or j!modifier, j!edit, j!change or j!changer)

The bot also has others commands:

  • j!ping displays the bot's response time and j!info or j!faq the information about the bot
  • j!setprefix or j!prefix allows to change the bot prefix on a server
  • j!roll [XdY] (or j!jeter_des, j!dice, j!dices, j!des or j!lancer_des)
    • It is possible to add several dice rolls and values
      • For example “j!throw_of 3d6 + 2d20 + 5”.
    • You can add parameters in the following order (each is optional, but if you combine them, respect this order):
      • rX ” ⇒ Relaunch dice whose value is X
      • mX” ⇒ Adds a die if the value of the die is X (cumulative, and each additional die can itself give a new one)
      • !X” ⇒ Count the number of dice equal to or greater than X
      • For example : j!throw_of_3d6r1m6!4 ⇒ Raises the “1”, adds one dice for each “6”, and counts one success per “4 or more”.
  • j!coin [nb_coins] (or j!coins, j!flip, j!flipcoin or j!pileface)

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