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Add the bot

To add the bot on your server, click on this link and select the server: https://www.cyril-fiesta.fr/jdrbot
The permissions are necessary for the bot to work properly

To work, the bot will need a textual channel whose name contains “ jdr-bot ”, and a voice channel whose EXACT name is “ JDR-Bot ”.

At first, the bot's langage will be French (with french scripts). Use the command “j!lang en” to use the bot in english, with englishs scripts. It must be done on all text-channel “jdr-bot” (or you can have french and english channels on the same guild if you want)
The bot will read only the url corresponding to your channel's langage. if you want use french AND english Scripts on your server, you need to add the other url on the channel's description.

Don't hesitate to contact me on discord in case of questions, worries or suggestions !

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