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Advanced objects

Invisible objects / states / etc. :

In addition to the inventory, seen previously, the player has an invisible inventory where are stored all that we do not want to see appear in the visible inventory of the player. For example:

  • States (injured, tired, motivated, etc.)
  • Items that unlock or block a room
  • Class or profession of the character
  • etc. What you do with them depends on your scenario.

Just remember that these “objects” do not appear in the inventory, and that they are “taken” or “removed” automatically if the player goes to a room with an “invisible” object (without a “take” command)

For example, in a public toilet room, you can have:

  • disgusted|invisible|unnecessary invisible note|the smell disgusts you (you have the “disgusted” state)|You feel like throwing up because of the smell of the toilet!
    • The formatting is the same as for the inventory items, except that the location is replaced by “ invisible ” (important keyword for the bot), and the 3rd parameter is absolutely not used by the bot (hence the “ useless invisible note ”, but feel free to put what you want
    • This gives : Status_name|invisible|useless note|phrase displayed when acquiring or losing (-) this status|Description of the status.

An Object/Status/… in the invisible inventory can be indicated as a condition for access to a room, just like objects. By putting -state/object/condition/… (“-disgusted” for example) as a condition, it then means that one must NOT HAVE this state/object/condition.
For example, if room (2) in a scenario is a dance room, and it is accessed from the locker room, you might have:

Dancing House
1 entrance
The entrance gives access to the dance room (2)
2|-tired|You're too tired to dance, go to sleep!
2 dance
Welcome to the dance floor! When you're tired, why don't you go back to the entrance (1).
tired|invisible|note unnecessary|You're tired from dancing|beeing tired is not good for the body.

So, you start with the entry. So far, so good. You are not tired, so you can access the dance room (2).
In the dance room, you automatically become tired (keyword “invisible” ⇒ your invisible inventory now contains “tired”).
When you return to the entrance, you will no longer have access to the dance room, which is restricted by “tired”, which means : Do not have “tired” in your invisible inventory (= do not be tired)

Contrary to the objects (which disappear from the place when they are collected), you can have again this state/object if you remove it and that you pass again by the room where you had this state/object previously. On the other hand, you can't have 2 times simultaneously (as for an object)

Automatically remove an object

If in a box, an invisible object is preceded by “ - ” and the object (or state, or other …) is in the inventory or in the invisible inventory, it is automatically removed. The keyword “invisible” can therefore also be used to remove an item that the player has previously picked up (with “j!take”)

Put multiple copies of an item

Illustrative example:

1 entry
You are now at the front door, but the building seems deserted.+n+This is the only room with a light, but you have a lamp on the table.+n+You can try to go into the living room (2).
A table is a piece of furniture with 4 legs... Oh, there are two lamps on it! You pick up the flashlight and the lamp gives you light. A table is a piece of furniture with 4 legs... Oh, there is one lamp on it! You pick up the flashlight and the lamp gives you light. Pirate! I doubt any player is reading this!
2|Lamp|It's too dark to enter without a lamp!|You enter the living room with your lamp!
2 living room
You can go back to the entrance (1).
-The lamp slips out of your hand and breaks... You get rid of it.

So we can pick up a lamp in the first room. This lamp is necessary to access the second room. However, when we go to the second room, it breaks (= is removed from the inventory) automatically (keyword “ invisible ”).
We can go back to the first room, but there will be no more lamps, and we are stuck.
It is possible to make several lamps available, by putting the same object several times, in the same piece of furniture (or place).
This allows to manage a number of lives for example, or to change the description of the furniture. To create a description of this empty piece of furniture, add an object (whose name and/or presence the players don't know, to avoid the “j!take”), with the same piece of furniture as the previous objects, but with another description (and you put anything in the other fields).

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