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Text Formating

You will notice some special characters in the syntax of the script or their texts. They should not be used as text but for their function in the bot.

- "<<" and ">>" for sound and music links (explained later) or TTS messages
- "[[" and "]]" for image links (explained after) or for unformatted text (by default the text is in markdown "fix", this allows you to format the text as you wish).
- +n+" makes a line break in the displayed text
- {{ and }}" to put a wait/pause in a text or situation
- &&" at the end of a line (without any character or space behind!) allows you to break a block into several lines. The && tells the bot to merge the line with the following line, and to treat the whole as one line (the one of the room text, the one of the objects/variables/conditions, ...)
    ◦ This does not add a line break to the displayed text (unlike "+n+"), and care must be taken to respect the syntax of the line before breaking (no extra spaces, no forgetting "|", etc.)
- ## " allows you to add comments to your scenario. The bot will ignore any character in a line after "##".
- |" This character is used as a separator by the bot, do not use it in your texts.
- @@ " This character separates the different effects of an event 997
- ***** " Used to separate rooms. You can use between 1 and 4 in a row in a text. From 5 in a row, the bot considers that it is a separation of rooms.

There are also the following:

- "[[PREFIX]]" will automatically be replaced by the bot's prefix according to the server.
- "[[INVENTORY]]" will be replaced by the list of objects present in the inventory.
- "[[ROOM:X]]" will be replaced by the text of the room X

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