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Presentation of JDR-Bot :

JDR-Bot allows you to play different games (or Scenarios or Scripts), such as Role Playing Games, Adventure Game Books (or AGB), Escape Game, Text-based Adventure Game (like Colossal Cave).
It also allows you to play very different games, such as turn-based combat, casinos, etc. It allows you to throw coins or dice.

To test or for more information, join us on discord : https://discord.gg/Z63DtVV
Your feedback (opinions, bugs, suggestions) will be read with great attention.
You can also check the github of the bot : https://github.com/Cyril-Fiesta/jdr-bot

The basic scenarios, images and sounds used are hosted on : http://cyril-fiesta.fr/jdr-bot/scenarios/
However, you can change the url (via the j!url command) if you want to play with your own scenarios.

JDR-Bot is constantly evolving, so there may be bugs or things to improve. In case of an update or maintenance, you will be warned in advance by the bot, so that you have time to finish your current games.
Some of the current scenarios are test and demonstration scenarios. The scenarios will also evolve, others will appear.
You can write and propose your own scenarios and, if you wish, submit them to me for inclusion in the list of basic scenarios.

Please report any problems, questions, and feedback to me via the Make&Play discord server.

Licenses :

The whole bot (the project, the basic scenarios, the functioning, …) are under Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA 4.0) ( https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ )
The images and sounds used in the scenarios come from different sources. They are under different licenses allowing their use in personal or commercial projects. Please respect the work of their authors, and do not use them outside the scenarios of the bot.
The scripts are the property of their respective authors/publishers. If they are under license, it will be specified in the comment in the scenario.

Example screens:

Join us on discord Make&Play


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